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Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Vice Manifest

The US average of new daily cases is now at its highest point of the entire pandemic. / CNN

After five aides to Vice President Pence test positive for Covid-19, the White House admits it can’t control what’s happening. / CNBC

In Italy, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, and theatres are closed, but another full lockdown remains off the table. / BBC News

Worth noting: South Korea, a country of 55 million people, has had fewer than 500 deaths from the coronavirus. / Twitter

See also: “Disaster planning for less crazy folk.” / Michal Zalewski

Rather than “drain the swamp,” President Trump has presided over a norm-shattering “expansion of private interests in government.” / The Washington Post

“Trump’s performance vis-à-vis dictators has been totally unnecessary. It has also been outrageous, tragic, as many of us see it. Also unworthy: of the office and of America.” / The National Review

How software infuses racism into US health care. / STAT

Single mothers fear falling through holes in the pandemic safety net. / NPR

How do you talk to people you care about who are headed down a conspiratorial rabbit hole? / The New York Times

The problem with the “manifesting” trend—people who trust their “gut” are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, and tend to believe that all facts are politically biased. / Vox

Your weekly white paper: China wants to leapfrog the world’s developed countries. Its ability to do so hinges on Germany. / FDD

Japan pledges to become carbon neutral by 2050. / Eco-Business

Chile votes overwhelmingly to scrap the country's dictatorship-era Constitution and draw up a new one. / BBC News

As parents try to cut down on screen time, Barbie dolls take off. / The Wall Street Journal

Seeking new ways to make being stuck at home more fun? For home decor, try blobs. / VICE

Recapping the week in TikTok: The influencer hair salon that’s under attack. Also, “Everyone Is Gay on TikTok.” / Vox, The New York Times

“I have become that which I used to despise: a wholesome activity person.” / GQ