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Monday headlines: Wait, velociraptors?

As the White House faces its own virus outbreak, the Vice President self-isolates while Dr. Fauci is under quarantine.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear three cases over Trump’s financial records.

Boris Johnson unveils a "conditional plan" to reopen British society with a new “Covid Alert System.”

A new surge in coronavirus cases takes Russia’s tally past those in Italy and Britain; only Spain and the United States have more.

Germany says new infections are accelerating exponentially after early steps to ease its lockdown.

A leading model increases its US coronavirus death toll projection again. Half of New Jersey’s Covid-19 fatalities are linked to nursing homes. California cases continue to climb. 

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A new study finds if 80% of Americans would wear masks, COVID-19 infections would plummet.

A day in the life of supermarket workers during the coronavirus. Also, a day in the life of gravediggers.

Shanghai Disneyland reopens with anti-virus measures.

“I’m pleased to announce that, even though the velociraptors are still on the loose, we will be opening Jurassic Park back up to the public!”

Why are people drawn to coronavirus conspiracy theories? Perhaps it’s less scary than accepting there are unpredictable risks “that none of us can control."

“Call it pandecorating.” Interior design becomes one of quarantine’s more popular hobbies.

A London artist retreats into the dark for weeks at a time to escape information overload.

Spanning 58 countries, a photographic study of the objects that children love most.

In a real-life version of Lord of the Flies, a group of schoolboys were marooned on an island in 1965 for 15 months.

Just because: Formula 1 tires installed on a hoverboard.