Headlines edition

Monday headlines: War diaries

US officials say Russia is running out of weaponry and has asked China for help. The United States says, "We will not allow that to go forward." / Axios, The Associated Press 

Russia hits a military base in Ukraine about 15 miles from the Polish border. / Reuters

Keith Gessen writes a short history of Russia's invasion. Cecilia Kang writes a deep dive into the end of RT America. / The Guardian, The New York Times

A war diary from Ukrainian artist Yevgenia Belorusets. "I myself was detained today by an elderly couple on the street." / Artforum

See also: A soup-to-nuts war diary from 30 young Ukranians. Photographer Valeria Shashenok's TikTok feed. Postcards from Lena Kozar. / New York Magazine, TikTok, It's Nice That

Apple Maps now marks Crimea as part of Ukraine outside Russia. / Mashable

Russia's privileged position as an exporter of raw materials looks to have been "wrecked on the shoals of Putin's nationalist-irredentist ambitions." / n+1

Stephen Kotkin: "We need a de-escalation from the maximalist spiral, and we need a little bit of luck and good fortune." / The New Yorker

Are we currently/already in a world war? Probably not. / Twitter

An asteroid the size of a bus flew by Earth yesterday. / Space.com

Watch: A man films himself while driving his jet-engine go kart. "It's really hard to drive with one hand." / YouTube

In honor of pi day, some footage of a pie production line. / YouTube