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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: When options disappear.

Are LGBT rights and contraception next in the Supreme Court's crosshairs? Perhaps, but more likely targets are affirmative action, election laws, and business regulation. / The New York Times

"Somebody who doesn't even know me took my options away from me, and it makes me furious." The stories of 15 women who traveled from Texas to New Mexico for legal abortions. / USA Today

See also: Inside a San Antonio abortion clinic the moment Roe fell. / The Texas Tribune

"This year's platform was less evidence that the party had gone 'full MAGA' than that the Texas GOP's grassroots are to the right of Trumpism in meaningful ways." / Texas Monthly

"More than one million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year." Vast swaths of Americans are shifting rightward, especially in the suburbs. / Associated Press

Under current law, HIPAA does not protect a patient's health data from legal action, such as in the case of a warrant or court order. / STAT

Here are the US companies that have expanded their abortion benefits, and to what extent. / Quartz

Related: Starbucks will cover employee costs for abortion travel and gender-affirming care, but won't "make promises of guarantees about any benefits" for unionized stores. / The Seattle Times

Jenny Holzer releases an NFT of a Tucker Carlson chyron—"making an informed choice regarding your own body shouldn't be controversial"—with proceeds going to pro-choice groups. / Artnet

"Parents should really think hard about not just what the repeal of Roe is going to mean for their daughters, but what it's going to mean for their sons." / NPR

One three occasions, Prince Charles personally received cash donations of €1 million from a Qatari politician—officials say "correct processes were followed." / CNN

For the first time since the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia has defaulted on its foreign debt. Here's what that means for Russia and the world. / Reuters, The Washington Post

According to a new survey, unless there are meaningful changes in government, more than half of Africans aged 18 to 24 say they want to move abroad in the next three years. / The Guardian

Bijan Stephen on the implications of David R. Bunch's Moderan dystopia, where people are replacing themselves with metal—and the more, the better. / Dirt 

The very perplexing history of corporations trademarking colors. / The Hustle