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The United States Energy Department concludes—with "low confidence"—that an accidental laboratory leak in China likely caused the coronavirus pandemic. / The Star Tribune

National security adviser Jake Sullivan: "There is not a definitive answer that has emerged from the intelligence community on this question." / CNN

A looming nationwide abortion pill ban may undermine the entire drug approval system. / STAT

Nearly 60 people die in a shipwreck as they try to land off the coast of Italy's Calabria region. / The Guardian

Germany sets aside $275 billion to prevent an energy crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. / Bloomberg

A tourist report from Kabul under the Taliban—"without a doubt, the most unusual regime on Earth." / Palladium Magazine

Account of a metaverse wedding: "All the speeches to the bride and groom featured plugs for Taco Bell." / Twitter 

Unrelated/related: How to see impossible colors. / Everything Is Amazing

Some "stealth wealth symbols" the super-rich are said to be adopting for camouflage amid people with less money: tracksuits, suede, socks with holes. / Tatler

"Stealth wealth" may be the basis for the Succession wardrobe department's success. / GQ

Tejal Rao: The return of Party Down is a smart antidote to shows and films that glamorize the food business. / The New York Times 

Aerial photos of Bavarian trees in autumn by Bernhard Lang. / Colossal

A profile of Akuna Robinson, the first Black man to wear the "triple crown" for completing three of the most challenging US backpacking trails. / The Los Angeles Times

A lost hiker owes the government $300,000 after a signal fire turns into a 230-acre blaze. / Outside