Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: You can’t be Sirius

The Panama Canal Authority says that due to ongoing drought conditions, it will again reduce the daily number of ships that can travel the waterway. / AP

"The past month in Tefé has seemed like a science-fiction climate-change scenario." More than 100 Amazonian river dolphins have died over the past few weeks. / The Guardian

Water levels are so low in Texas that remnants of towns from more than a century ago are reappearing. / CNN

Lego's goal of switching to non-plastic bricks hasn't gone well—the new manufacturing process actually has a larger carbon footprint than plastic. / WIRED

"Jolts of electricity can convert discarded plastic into hydrogen gas and graphene, potentially offering a way to manage a growing waste problem." / C&EN

Gov. Newsom appoints EMILY's List President Laphonza Butler to fill the late Sen. Feinstein's seat. / POLITICO

"Strange and beautiful is a good way to put it." Inside the Gen Z Discord that's recreating the World Trade Center elevator music on Sept. 11. / WBUR

Your weekly white paper: "Why every observatory needs a disco ball." / arXiv

Photos of the final supermoon of 2023. / Space

See also: Hand-embroidered satellite imagery by Danielle Currie. / Kottke

"Viewing our own image activates an area of the brain called the fusiform face area, which processes facial recognition." We were never supposed to see our faces this much. / Dazed

Using AI voice cloning to answer the question, "What if every Weird Al song was the original, and every other artist was covering his songs instead?" / Waxy

Very serious restorations of very un-serious objects. / TikTok