Motel De Moka

An oasis of sound, inspiration, and imagery like this is rarely found on the internet, let alone from a music blog. Motel De Moka summons some warm and forgotten magic with their abstract playlists. It's infinitely appealing.

When I get stuck, when I'm uninspired and want surprise I check in with a music blog like no other. Motel De Moka wakes you up from your mid-afternoon daze, throws water on your face, then tells you their thoughts on back porch blues or the philosophical dance of motor-racing. Next to the music their writers share imagery, poetry, and thoughts. It is this method of inspiring intrigue that makes the thing they do so appealing.

It's a cosmopolitan, cross-cultural place full of out of the way abstraction, independent music tied together with aesthetic themes; from London's underground scene to a set of folk tunes premised with vanilla white photos and a quote from Samuel Beckett.
note: Fuck your zen garden. Get your feet in the water. Get your feet in the mud. Let's crash all our planes in the river. Let's build strange and radiant machines at this jericho waiting to fall.
Motel De Moka: May 28th, 2008.
Yes, Motel De Moka has it all. These small pockets of resistance are rare on the internet. Together they share music with personal, special touches and allow unexpected thoughts, images to bubble up.

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