My Bloody Valentine, Loveless

A mind-searing epic of beauty, 1991’s Loveless is an album that, in itself, spawned thousands of bands, and changed the face of music in so very many ways, in so many ways to have reached an undeniably legendary status. Songs that can somehow compress no fewer than forty separate guitar tracks and retain a true pop sensibility, a song (‘Soon,’ the album closer) about which Brian Eno said, ‘It set a new standard for pop. It’s the vaguest music ever to have been a hit,’ and an album that very nearly bankrupt their label, Creation Records, because of band leader Kevin Shields’ insatiable perfectionism. And that perfectionism is heard in total, in absolute complete sonic assault/assuage here, in Loveless, a musical masterpiece in every way. Stunningly beautiful, absolutely life-changing.


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