New Order, Waiting for the Sirens’ Call

Except for 1985’s Low-Life and 1986’s Brotherhood, New Order has never been a band to release albums too frequently. Since their last proper release in fact—2001’s Get Ready—it’s been about three-and-a-half years. And before that? 1993 and Republic, before which they hadn’t brought out anything for four years and after which they took a healthy eight-year break from recording together. They would seem to be, for all practical purposes, retired from here on out—and have been so, especially when you consider all those silent periods, since 1989. Thus, when a New Order album comes out, it’s an unexpected gift, and somehow always a stunning return to form that has a number of surprising updates to that sound that is their own, and always, always includes one song that is nothing short of incredible.

And Waiting for the Sirens’ Call is certainly no exception. The lead-off single, “Krafty,” sounds just like you’d expect New Order to sound like (kind of like Republic’s ‘Regret’ or Get Ready’s “Crystal”). It’s great, yes, but the real lure on Waiting for the Sirens’ Call is the title track, a driving anthem that ticks along as steady as it is at once punctuated with its absolutely gorgeous chorus: “I won’t desert you / I don’t know what to say / I really hurt you / I nearly gave it all away / I’ve got it all! / ’Cause you are not the one / And I don’t know where / to turn when you’re gone.” It’s utterly addictive: You could listen to it over and over, all day long… and you probably will.


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