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New York: Shimshon Stüart Siegel

Shimshon Stüart Siegel

Name: My name keeps changing. I was born with the name Stuart Bennett Siegel. In high school, I added an umlaut to the “u,” so, Stüart. In Israel, I started using my Hebrew name, Shimshon (“Samson”), so now my professional name is Shimshon Stüart Siegel, but I also go by Shimshi, Stü, Shimstu, Samson.

Hometown: I grew up in South Florida.

Other recent residences: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Brooklyn, the West Bank.

Currently residing in: Jerusalem.

Why Israel? I came as part of a rabbinic studies program, then switched to a different school, then quit that one. Looks like I won’t be a rabbi any time soon, but I did become an Israeli citizen.

What are you doing there now? Trying to perfect my Hebrew, working as a houseboy for some friends, looking for love and glory.

I hear you just got a part in The Man of La Mancha. Which one? “Supporting role.”

Your favorite person in Israel: Me, I guess.

Your favorite person in the world: I don’t know anymore. (sigh)

One holiday wish: We should all start doing some damn yoga.

December 6, 2007


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