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No Take Backs

Recently unmasked producer Burial joins his old schoolmate Four Tet on a cryptically released 12-inch. The result is two post-rock peregrinations sure to set your perceptions on edge.

Four Tet is actually Kieran Hebden, a post-rock/electronic musician from London. Dubstep producer Burial, after a great deal of speculation, finally owned up to being William Bevan. Hebden and Bevan are mates, as they say across the pond, which is why they collaborated for the two tracks on a super cryptic, just-released-last-week 12-inch called Moth/Wolf Cub.

Since this is post-rock--or whatever--it's recommended that you listen to the tracks from this new collaboration while in a state of altered consciousness. If you're cool, man, you will achieve this altered state by doing drugs. This isn't disco or pop, so using coke, amphetamines, speed, ice, glass, crystal, crank, or study drugs won't be necessary. We rather recommend weed, marijuana, pot, opiates, opioids, barbiturates, benzos, lysergics, dimethyltryptamines, psilocybins, Sherman Helmsley, Kojak, Bob Hope, trollers, strollers, slowmos, goofballs, screamers, squeamers, porkers, dorkers, fudgies, huffers, gaggers, gassers, poopers, 'ludes, scrudes, 'tudes, dudes!, doobles, triple doobles, no-take-backs, mulligans, double taps, chicken feet, fire drills, bus stops, spanks, cheeseballs, cheez-its, meesters, menthols, shmegenoids, or wet sticks. Or all of the above.

For you "proud to be drug free" types, there are plenty of other ways known to induce hallucinations: Try taping ping pong balls to your eyes, eating fish, spinning around really fast, meditating on a koan, or taking one in the jewels. The best non-pharmacological way to generate a preparatory altered state for listening to this Burial and Four Tet collaboration, however, would be to listen to this Burial and Four Tet collaboration. For an added consciousness boost, try listening to this collaboration at the same time, i.e., play the song linked below simultaneously in multiple browser windows. It's hard to get synced up, but well worth the mind-blowing difficulty.

And a final note: As diligent readers no doubt have noticed, there has been a dearth of recent activity here on the Digest. This is due largely to the editors being involved in the development of new projects; as such, the Digest as we've known it will cease to exist, and this is the final post. We hope you've enjoyed it, and that you'll come back to see where these new developments take us. We heart you.

TMN Editor Erik Bryan is living the dream. He grew up in Florida, but he’s from all over. He likes playing chess, making cocktails, smarting off, and not freezing to death in Brooklyn, where he currently resides. More by Erik Bryan

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