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Reader Letters

No Veggies in New York. None.

Having just looked through the photo essay “Appetite,” I’m wondering if Geoff Badner would even RECOGNIZE a vegetable? Look, I’m not a ranting vegan hippie or anything, but seriously—green? Orange? Yellow? Geoff, do you realize how much of the food you ate in that essay is either (a) BROWN or (b) so artificially colored it glows in the dark?

Maybe you can’t get veggies in New York? Maybe you don’t know how to cook something that doesn’t have instructions printed on a shiny wrapper?

Geoff, and anyone else who thought that was a NORMAL-looking week’s worth of food—please do this for me: Find a greengrocers, and just look. You don’t even have to go into the store on your first try, just look. Soon, we’ll work up to your asking what those squiggly green things or chunky orange things are. One day, you might even take some home and cook them and eat them.

Or maybe you like your brown food...

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