The Guilfoile-Warner Papers

November 4-3

Did you notice Palin's blatant dressing down for the cameras when she went to the polls this morning? I know she's still stinging from the $150,000 wardrobe, but come on. Wear your nice jeans, at least. It's election day, not a bass tournament. Much has been made about Palin having been pranked by Canadian radio jocks pretending to be Nicolas Sarkozy ("Hell-OH!"). Frankly of all the embarrassing things she's said and done in this campaign, it really doesn't rank (although the staffer who set up the call and handed her the phone should probably be fired). One thing that should have made a bigger stir on Fox News, however, was Palin's assertion to phony Sarkozy that the French government is "a very good example for us here." Where's the outrage from freedom fry conservatives over that? If Barack Obama ever suggested he was going to take governing tips from the French, Sean Hannity would bust a nut. (And don't forget today's contest.)
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