Observing Expectations

In a college film class, we watched the opening to The Shining first with its soundtrack, second with the audio portion muted, third while a student turned off the television volume and used a boombox to overdub music a little more Disney. The point was even paranormal homicide can be amusing when you’re listening to Judy Garland.

I’d like to see the new Lindsay Lohan vehicle use Grizzly Bear’s “Marla” the next time she and one of the Wilson brothers are about to kiss; Lohan is a good big-screen actress, but she needs more testing, less tasty, and a lot more impending doom. Lohan should not be cast as fireproof.

» Hear “Marla” by Grizzly Bear (via Said the Gramophone)

* * *

For all his attention paid to web sites and rumors, does Ryan Adams have time to write music? He should try extracting his head from the juice machine. I’ve never been a fan because I’ve never heard a song because too many soothing airline magazine profiles made Adams seem to be trying so hard and delivering so squishy. But I like this song’s title and I like a barbershop quartet and now I like Ryan Adams:

» Hear “Do Miss America (Live)” by Ryan Adams (via rbally)

* * *

Good looking guy, bodybuilder, well-dressed and moisturized, boards the train at West 4th. His iPod’s in and up—sitting catty-corner I can hear a little bleed. Our man’s juking his head back and forth. His cheeks sweat. He grabs the metal pole and feels the music: left shoulder drops and juts on two and four while he bites his lip. By 14th Street he’s unbuttoned his shirt to his navel. By 23rd it’s in a pile on the seat and Baryshnikov, sopped and bare-chested, throbbing in his jeans, is ready to screw the earth. I left him at 59th Street and by then he was standing to dance, drenched in sweat, but the C train seat didn’t feel his vibe and most people weren’t covering their mouths anymore while laughing.

“Girl and the Sea” was probably his come-down music, two weeks later.

» Hear “Girl and the Sea” by the Presets (via gabba)

* * *

And there are some songs you link because you like them. Story end.

» Hear “Town Called Ivanhoe” by Mountaineer (via Music for Robots)


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