Apropos of Nothing

Oh, Canada?

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman was detained at the Canadian border. What does this mean?

Amy Goodman, host of the useful and progressive radio program Democracy Now!, has recently published a collection of articles, Breaking the Sound Barrier (Haymarket Books, edited by Denis Moynihan) with an introduction by favorite whipping boy of right-wing loonies, Bill Moyers. Ms. Goodman is a well-known political skeptic and a capable finger in the dike against the deluge of irrationality that is eroding the foundation of our republic. In an inexplicable act of what—intimidation? censorship? repression? misplaced concern? stupidity?—Goodman was detained for an hour and half at the Canadian border by officials apparently concerned about her intended remarks about the upcoming Vancouver Olympics.

Does this mean that the toxic political scourge that currently afflicts the United States is spilling across the border into our once benign northern neighbor? Needless to say we are staying tuned. I, of course, recommend that you do the same.
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