One of the Beautiful

In the hurried, anxious life of the internet, a two year hiatus can seem an eternity. Returning to form--and to the music blogs--Voxtrot present a new single, just in time for SXSW.

"Regarding our absence, sometimes one needs to disappear in order to regroup; situations change and human beings are swept here and there by the marvelous ebb and flow of culture." Such is the explanation--noticeably void of definitives, of real cause and effect--posted on the Voxtrot website. This is clearly a different age and time, when a brief two year interlude between the release of their self-titled debut album and a performance at their hometown's SXSW festival demands an explanation, an excuse note. Such a hiatus, perfectly understandable in decades past, now seems to imply a tragedy, or, if nothing else, an imposition on hungry listeners.

Listen, Voxtrot: It's ok. Shit happens, right? Not everyone can walk in your shoes. We're just happy to find this new single, produced by that dude from Spoon, manifesting itself on our blog-trolling radar. It's a nervous song, pregnant with suspicion and expectation. The mix of live piano and raggedly enveloped keyboard (Casiotone? If I'm not mistaken?) is a fitting juxtaposition, reflecting what was both lost and gained by your absence. The lyrics seem to weave around the same themes, but in a linear fashion, a sine wave progressing, swirling along the x-axis, drilling a hole in our heads.

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