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Parental Guidance for Star Wars

Star Wars is one of few cultural touchstones that requires a whole chapter in the parenting manual. Attempts to recount the original trilogy indicate that the earlier children are shown the films, the cuter the results.

Spending $3,000 on a Lego Star Wars diarama is considered obsession. Not having watched and understood the entire Star Wars series is heretical and exile-worthy. Hearing these Heretics recount the 380 minute trilogy, having watched parts of the story but never evangelicised its holiness, is much more entertaining than the The Phantom Menace.

Though it leads us no closer to an answer to one of the most important questions of our time: What order should they be shown in? And what is the optimal age to introduce your kids to Star Wars? If this kid is anything to go by: ASAP.

Who does a better job of retelling? Can either of them compete with this? (FUNNY STAR WARS SPOILERS EMBEDDED.)

Bluegrass Vader wins. No question. Though parents be aware, he will make your children cry, as our very own Matthew Baldwin recounts. And remember, "any responsible parent wouldn't let their children watch the three most recent Star Wars movies."

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