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Polvo, Today’s Active Lifestyles

Awkward and backwards, North Carolina’s Polvo surprises at every turn. ‘Is this the part? No, wait, here it comes.’ Repeated listens won’t deter the confusion, but the songs always sounds good, and Polvo knew when to keep the good bits going, and when to cut the meaningless meanderings short and keep the song moving. Often surprisingly beautiful, often frighteningly unapproachable, Polvo’s sophomore LP stands time’s test as the finest output from a now legendary band. Epics such as ‘Thermal Treasure’ and ‘Gemini Cusp’ sit comfortably alongside the classic toe-tapper ‘Time Isn’t on My Side.’


Andrew Womack is a founding editor of The Morning News. He is always working on the next installment of the Albums of the Year series at TMN. More by Andrew Womack

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