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San Francisco: Will Chiapella

San Francisco

Name: Will Chiapella

Time of birth: Two whole days of childbirth (sorry Ma)

Occupation title(s), both real and desired-in-another-lifetime? Street photographer, flaneur, crytoscopophiliac, generally harmless person

How would you describe your look? Thrown-together chic; handmade, reused, worn-out; free

What do people think when they see you on the street? They’re either impressed by my moustache, repulsed, or generally uninterested. Mostly good thoughts I think. Someone once told me that I was beautiful; I think I blushed

Who are some of your heroes? I’ll just say my parents because that’s easy (but really, anyone who works for the common good and is a decent human being)

What makes you laugh? Everything; it all makes me cry too

Fill in the blank: “Most of the people I see around town look ______”: The same

Five words that sound great: Bonaroo, flavanoid, onomatopoeia, umm


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