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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Abbey road jam.

Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found dead by apparent suicide in his jail cell this morning.

Critical US voting systems remain vulnerable, with many still accessible online, despite officials' assurances to the contrary.

With 8chan's shutdown, far-right users head to messaging platforms, the dark web, and decentralized versions of the site.

Banning white supremacy from the internet through legislation would require changing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which would spell the end of the open web.

Related: In a draft of a new executive order, the Trump administration wants to rework enforcement of Section 230 to help conservatives make the case they're being censored online.

“No one was writing in the New York Times to demand that the future of white children be secured; they were just saying that social cohesion might be stronger if white people felt more secure in their white children’s futures.” Where taking the concerns of racists seriously has gotten us.

Walmart temporarily removes in-store displays of violent video games and movies—but of course has no plans to stop selling guns or ammunition.

“God said, ‘You shall be provided with the legislative tools to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and other wartime instruments of death.’ And lo, the nation said, ‘I’d rather not.’ And so nothing came to pass.” God has heard your thoughts and prayers and he thinks they are fucking bullshit.

After 13 years, Chase Bank is leaving the Canadian credit card market—and forgiving all the card debt its customers owe the bank.

“The free-wheeling, far-reaching maw of our material metabolism—that thing we normally call the global economy—devours as many as one out of every three sugar molecules made by dirt-bound plants.” Seven ways to understand the stark new report on land use and climate change.

A fascinating interactive description of how one earthquake could trigger another on the other side of the world.

"Here we are, shit in fan, wondering (at least, I wonder) what may be our next best move. I have come back to offer a way—one that saved me, just as it once saved our flying forebears: the black art of escape."

Video: "Green Book was a good movie" and more ASMR for white liberals.

A six-minute personality test that tells you nothing about yourself, just as you'd prefer.

"The only way to learn it is to get it wrong, and, when you get it wrong, you get flamed. And you get flamed so hard that it’s like being stung by a swarm of bees." What it's like to moderate Hacker News.

When used globally, "it's all Greek to me" references other languages. In Baltic countries, it's Spanish. In Greece, it's Chinese.

Fifty years ago the Beatles shot their iconic Abbey Road cover, and created the longest traffic nuisance in history.

Fantastic collages of movie stills, by Heather Oelklaus.