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Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Again / not again.

Three months after Parkland, America grieves yet another massacre of children by a young man with guns.

This year has seen an average of slightly more than one school shooting per week in the United States.

About 51 million households in the US don't earn enough to afford “housing, food, child care, health care, transportation and a cell phone.”

Trump’s sensible campaign promise to lower drug prices won’t happen with his new plan.

Giuliani plans to prep Trump for his Mueller interview over rounds of golf on Trump's private courses.

Prosecutors deny bail to Reality Winner, whistleblower, because she’s a security threat. The Senate says, Actually, she helped.

Jennifer Egan profiles a number of young women struggling to get off opioids for the sake of their children.

Colorado may start marking legal weed with trackable "DNA signatures."

Twenty years later, a jogger meets the man she discovered as a newborn buried alive in the dirt near a hiking trail.

The joke in the neighborhood is that the only thing anyone ever hears from Messi is him revving his car, because his Range Rover has the sort of gritty, guttural, souped-up engine noise that can wake babies sleeping in Madrid. A reporter makes the most of trying to profile a reluctant Lionel Messi.

Today’s most popular job candidate? Anyone with a PhD in data science.

Google has much more of your data than Facebook, but it's easier to find, control, and (almost) delete.

Elon Musk wants to build “a weird little Disney ride in L.A.” I.e., a high-speed network of tunnels under the city.

Sean Combs was the anonymous buyer behind the $21 million record sale of Kerry James Marshall's "Past Times."

Taking a dig at Vanity Fair, GQ apologizes for all of the extra appendages on its latest cover.

We've created over 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste. Most of it will live nearly forever as landfill or litter.

The dependence on a single source leaves the rest of the world vulnerable to an interruption of supply. To protect their people, therefore, other governments need to diversify their supplies of plasma. An argument for lifting bans on the paying for human-blood plasma.

The act of gesturing is considered universal—including the ways to mean yes or no—but individual gestures get weird.

American Airlines edits its list of banned emotional-support animals. Tusked animals: banned. Miniature horses: not.

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