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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: All the eels.

"Viral fragments with novel patterns of mutations appeared repeatedly." NYC sewage hints at Covid's future. / The New York Times

Newly filed tax records show one of the best-funded anti-vax groups in the US saw a 60% bump in revenue in 2020. / NBC News

Why have our supply chains collapsed? They "were designed for maximum profit rather than reliably getting things to people." / The American Prospect

The largest US oil trade group targeted West Virginians on Facebook, asking them to "thank" Sen. Manchin. / VICE

"I'm so deeply invested in a reintegration into nature." Doreen St. Félix speaks with musician Moses Sumney about his new film, Blackalachia. / WePresent

Record stores say the CD revival is real, and it includes everything from—yes—Adele to K-pop to anything and everything in the used bins. / Pitchfork

It shouldn't be a surprise, but worth remembering: Spotify appeals more to investors than musicians. / Dada Drummer Almanach

Believing that NFTs can have value may seem strange to many people—except it's completely normal in the financial sector. / The Atlantic

Inside a water droplet, thousands of vinegar eels begin to synchronize their swimming. / ScienceNews

A wonderful longread on a mission to help 120 sea turtles complete their migration. / bioGraphic

"Galaxies rarely collide head-on with one another." NASA releases a Hubble photo of what appears to be two galaxies interacting. / NASA

A fascinating investigation into a Landover, Md., Pizza Hut that absolutely did not used to be a Pizza Hut. / The Deleted Scenes

And since we're on the topic: Photos of buildings that used to be a Pizza Hut. / Used to Be a Pizza Hut

A new online exhibit allows viewers to experience a fly-through of Pompeii, including 35 original frescoes from Roman homes. / Hyperallergic

Photos of Office Space locations, 20 years after the movie's original release. / Reddit

A mathematician delves into Wordle. / The Aperiodical