Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: And then there were five (bedrooms).

US health officials reinstate the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which will now have a warning label about the rare risk of blood clots. / The Washington Post

The Biden administration says healthcare workers no longer need to ration N95 masks, and should return to a one-mask-per-patient policy. / Associated Press

If you want to get everyone in the US vaccinated, give them the thing that unites all Americans: specifically, $1,000. / Slate

"What do I have to lose? We could all die tomorrow." In the YOLO economy, the pandemic-weary risk everything for anything. / The New York Times

Signal's founder hacks a piece of mobile-cracking software, and finds it filled with security holes (and Apple's intellectual property). / Signal

A special effects company has devised a way for advertisers to digitally insert product placements in classic films. / BBC

"Everyone was in a band, usually three." A look back at 30 years of the Kill Rock Stars music label. / The Guardian

A new documentary, Sisters With Transistors, about the women who pioneered electronic music, is available for screening online until May 6. / Metrograph

Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails has designed a new synthesizer that sounds like "grabbing something and putting it under the sea for 30 years." / Pitchfork

A Grateful Dead fan built a miniature, working version of the band's massive "Wall of Sound" speaker system. / Laughing Squid

Seven decades of Alan and John Lomax's field recordings are now available online. / The Lomax Digital Archive

"I haven't mentioned The Happening, but I should probably mention The Happening." On eco-grief and an obsession with houseplants. / The Atlantic

Tracking down—and baking—Ted Lasso's secret shortbread recipe, based on a teaser image from this week's Apple event. / David Smith

A light pollution map of the world. / Light Pollution Map

Photos of life along the US-Mexico border, by Elliot Ross. / Booooooom

Agatha Christie's home is on the market, and it's delightful. / Savills