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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: And whiskers on kittens.

The president and first lady announce they won't attend the Kennedy Center Honors in December, one day after the entire Arts and Humanities Committee resigned—in a letter that spelled "RESIST" with the first letter of each paragraph.

Bannon's departure marks the eighth top White House official that has left since the start of the administration.

Mosquitos could become active, bats may wake up hungry for mosquitos, and other animal behavior that might occur during the total eclipse.

"It’s good to be alone, for a few hours to be exempt from all the complicated bonds, all the conflicts, great and small, all the demands and expectations, wills and desires that build up between people." Karl Ove Knausgård tells his newborn what makes life worth living.

From “In the Air Tonight” to “Kiss” to, well, this week, the definitive sound of the ’80s were gated-reverb drums.

Trump's statements match who he follows on Twitter—so the Post made a feed of what he sees. Its author, Philip Bump, explains how you can make your own.

Arrested 14 times while performing, “showtime” dancer Michael Brundage made it into an Intel video. While he put himself through a year of Brooklyn College on tips, he says gentrification is quashing artistry and erasing a viable job market.

Walking for exercise or leisure is the domain of the haves—who judge the have-nots for walking out of necessity.

Chuck E. Cheese is phasing out its terrifying animatronic bands, because children don't want to look at them. But Showbiz Pizza's Rock-afire Explosion will always live on in our hearts.

"If You Can Read This Bumper Sticker, You Are Waaaaay Too Close!"