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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Astral weekend.

A late season wildfire swept through and destroyed Paradise, Calif., while 30,000 people fled for their lives.

In 2016, California voted to outlaw high-capacity magazines, such as the one used in Thousand Oaks. A federal court said no.

Black female politicians who won in 2018 are significant not only for who they are, but also for how they ran their campaigns.

America doesn’t have a so-called tribalism problem. It has a racism problem. "And the parties are not equally responsible."

A small Oregon town just elected an 18-year-old mayor named Ben, prompting flashbacks to Parks and Recreation.

New British legislation on "unexplained wealth" targets an Azerbaijani woman who spent £16 million at Harrod's in London.

Sunday will mark China's 10th Singles' Day, a shopping event invented by Alibaba that eclipses both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Your weekly white paper: Depression is the leading cause of illness in adolescence. Being religious is one of the best buffers.

If we study the origins of punishment—in spite, not common good—we can start to grasp why it often causes more harm than good.

"Sequencing is the microscope of tomorrow. And sequencing was built by biological tools." The engineers of tomorrow? Biologists.

This is the story, not of his own experiences, but of the writing of these non-reflexive sentences, about which we do not even feel his writer’s cramp or his aching shoulder, his blurred vision. Fredric Jameson tries to explain why anyone reads Karl Ove Knausgaard, particularly the final book.

Academics describe their picks for the most influential book of the past 20 years.

Unlike Van, I’m not from east Belfast. I was born on the other side of the city and grew up down the road in Co Down. In a small town, unlike Van, and raised a Catholic, unlike Van. But when I want to feel something about where I’m from, I usually listen to Van. Some thoughts on what Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks says about Northern Irish identity.

A show to catch if you're in New York: new paintings by Friedrich Kunath at Blum and Poe.

Video: If you want to play Pokémon Go properly, and your bike setup isn’t adequately mobile, try an 11-phone rig on your waist.

Kids, often clad in Curry gear, are shooting so many deep 3s that the NBA and USA Basketball issued new guidelines to discourage 3-pointers in youth leagues. Why Stephen Curry is the new Jordan: because he’s “single-handedly changing the way the game is being played and appraised.”

Podcast episode: The Atlanta Falcons are doing well by cutting food and drink prices, fundamentally changing "stadium economics."

I thought about our front gate, the height of our bushes and the strength of our locks. I imagined all kinds of things I couldn’t protect us from. I thought, Why us? Nathan Deuel’s nine-year-old daughter helps him learn to love a homeless shelter being installed across the street.