Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Astroturfing the fans.

Graphs show which US states are seeing COVID-19 cases increasing or decreasing.

See also: Where coronavirus hospitalizations are rising and falling.

This week the Senate came within one vote of upending part of the Patriot Act's warrantless browser spying.

With work-based health coverage taking a hit, America's biggest insurer has decided to reenter the Obamacare market in Maryland.

Fox Sports has plans to add artificial crowd noise and project virtual fans in empty stadiums during broadcasts.

A machine-learning algorithm invents a new word—with a definition—every time you refresh this page.

A Hong Kong food company is hiring someone to build an island in Animal Crossing to promote its products.

Watch: The musicians behind the Animal Crossing theme perform a socially distanced version of the song.

From the very beginning, Sesame Street reflected a reality many children were living, but never saw represented on screen.

To measure hail: "Be in the right place at the right time. Or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on your perspective."

Digitized records from the Shakespeare and Company lending library show which books members—including Joyce, Stein, etc.—borrowed.

A fascinating, in-depth look at how authors, booksellers, and publishers are promoting books and reading during the pandemic.

Emily Wilson is releasing daily videos of herself reading—and acting out, with props!—scenes from her Odyssey translation.

A continually updated list—currently nearing 1,000 entries—of YouTube links to John Peel Sessions.

The latest installment in the Hood Internet’s ongoing series of jamming 50 songs from an entire year into one three-minute track. This time it’s 1986—and the mashup of Prince and New Order is particularly nice.

From temperature checks to contact tracing, how concert organizers are hoping to put on socially distanced shows.

Astrid Kirchherr, the photographer who took some of the first photos of the Beatles, and who helped create their early image, has died at 81.

A beautiful new song from Bing & Ruth, "Live Forever," with a transportive video from Derrick Belcham.