Headlines Here, Y'all

Saturday headlines: Baaa-ck at you.

The Pentagon says it killed the planner of the Kabul airport attack. President Biden has been warned that additional attacks are likely. / USA Today, CNN

Several of the American soldiers killed at the airport were babies when the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001. / The Guardian

Lessons from Africa that apply to Afghanistan and elsewhere: When does peacekeeping work and when does it fail? / The Washington Post

Related: How Europe's military support for Mali closes its eyes to abuses. / The New Humanitarian

New Orleans braces for an "extremely dangerous" storm expected to arrive late Sunday. / Nola

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says many measures of Earth's health are at the worst levels on record. / The Washington Post

Kentucky and Texas join a growing list of states that are seeing record numbers of hospitalized Covid patients—a surge mainly fueled by people who are unvaccinated. / The Associated Press

Helen Branswell: Covid-19 vaccines flirted with perfection at first. Reality is more complicated. / STAT

Scientist Alina Chan suggested last year that the coronavirus was "pre-adapted" to humans. Critical reaction has been swift and harsh. / The New York Times

In light of this week's US Open, a survey of Arthur Ashe's "complicated" activism offers lessons not just for athletes, but for everyone. / Politico

Early on, Roger Federer drew complaints for dragging down the market of sponsorship deals. No longer as he nears billionaire status. / The New York Times Magazine

Josephine Baker is the first Black woman to be interred at the Pantheon in Paris, also the first entertainer to get France's highest honor. / The Associated Press

Some 12,000 British officers once guarded a shrubbery that stretched across the length of India, covering an estimated 2,300 miles. / BBC Future

Downtown New York has yet another print magazine marrying sex and drugs—and also a Signal community. Meanwhile, Emily Gould measures New York publishing since "the Jonathans" arrived. / i-D, Vanity Fair

See also: "The Epic Family Feud Behind an Iconic American Weight-Loss Camp for Kids." / Bloomberg Businessweek

"Rego's women are always independent spirits, and they are often raging." A review of the Paula Rego retrospective at Tate Britain. / Hyperallergic

A shipwreck survivor recalls being lost at sea. "The shark's reaction to that might be bad, so just cool it." / Boston Magazine

Finally, how to say "I love you" with sheep. / NPR