Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Beg your pardon.

Trump has commuted the prison sentence for Roger Stone, who had reportedly been "praying" for Trump to do so.

After months of decline, America's death rate from coronavirus has risen sharply, with death tolls increasing by more than 100% in Texas, Arizona, and South Carolina.

Scientists say plasma injections from COVID-19 survivors could help inoculate people at risk—but feds and Big Pharma won't act.

Yankee Stadium can hold 11% of its capacity safely during the pandemic—not the 20% the team owner wants.

The pandemic has left people dying alone—without those nearby who need to hear their final words.

Just over 420 COVID-19 tests per 100,000 people have been performed in Africa—raising fears of a silent epidemic.

Related: Over the past three months, African countries have lost nearly $55 billion in travel and tourism due to the pandemic.

See also: Responding to outrage over police murders in the US, Ghana tells Black Americans: "Build a life in Ghana. You do not have to stay where you are not wanted forever."

“I’m also suspicious of the way that Not Being Racist is a project that people seem to be approaching like boot camp.” An interview with Jia Tolentino about, among other things, the protests and white America’s reckoning with racial inequality.

Fascism has been in the US as long as anywhere else—ask anyone who's Black in America.

Budget cutbacks have resulted in not printing green cards—disconcerting given Trump's immigration stance.

The top writer for Tucker Carlson's show has resigned after a CNN investigation found he'd been posting bigoted comments for years under a pseudonym on a forum.

Nandini Jammi of Sleeping Giants says her white male co-founder gaslighted her out of the movement they built.

To stop Trump from playing their music at rallies, artists may have to sue—as the Rolling Stones are now threatening to do.

"I was always happy to recommend that customers shop the city’s local independent bookstores for titles we didn’t have on hand." David Gutowski on working at an Amazon bookstore.

Christo's first posthumous project—wrapping the Arc de Triomphe—is now set for 2021, and his team is ready to carry out more of his work.

In an analysis of 2019’s YouTube trending videos, cooking channels were among the most popular.

Listen: Act 1 of the Hamilton soundtrack if it had been performed by the Muppets. (Kudos to Animal for the rendition of “You’ll Be Back” at 19:01.)

Oceans rise, empires fall: A map of the roads of the Roman Empire ca. 125 AD in the style of the London Underground, by Sasha Trubetskoy.

Serene collages on paper of waterfalls, by Thomas Danthony.