Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Believe in unicorns.

The Justice Department charged 13 Russians and three companies with a vast campaign to subvert the 2016 election and support Trump.

Here’s a breakdown of what the indictment says, and an example of what that subversion looks like.

The Boston Globe dedicates its front page to the next mass shooting, which may happen sometime next week.

Something we didn’t know previously: an AR-15 Is easier to purchase in Florida than a handgun.

Do you hate the NRA’s outsize influence on federal policies? Alas, it’s simply normal democratic politics.

See also: “The GOP Made Trump More Conservative—But Trump's Also Making the GOP More Conservative.

Under a Visas Between Individuals Program, citizens would have the right to sponsor a migrant for economic purposes.

The sight of a Chinese actress in blackface, leading an African man dressed as a monkey around a stage as a way of celebrating a vital trading relationship on prime-time national TV, seems particularly ill-judged. The most watched entertainment program on the planet offers a mixed message about China’s investments in Africa.

Ever since Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Coast Guard has been busy cleaning up hundreds of sunken, abandoned boats.

Ronan Farrow uncovers an elaborate system deployed by the President’s allies to hide his many extramarital relations.

Now that Trump's lawyer revealed he paid off a porn star, the porn star's lawyer says she's ready to talk.

A program of induced lactation enables the first transgender woman to breastfeed her partner’s baby.

More than 50% of people with anosmia (the loss of sense of smell) report feeling isolated from a decent social life.

A train conductor relates what it's like to be the involuntary killer of people who are determined to be run over.

A man and his elderly father make a 10-day pilgrimage around one of Europe’s highest mountains.

We're entering "Peak Olympics," the phase in sports when human athletic progress reaches its final plateau.

Short film: How to run 100 miles (in a row).

Interview with a man who buys houses for cash and advertises his business on handwritten street signs.

The Church of England encourages worshippers to give up plastics for Lent.

Teachers make a fetish of the five-paragraph essay, but it comes at the cost of students learning how to think.

A brief history of the waterbed, including its odd popularity with dairy farmers ("happier cows, happier milk").