Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Big league goo.

Between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, four shooting incidents killed at least two people and injured at least 34 in Austin, Dallas, Savannah, and Chicago. / CNN

Trump's Dept. of Justice secretly subpoenaed Apple to hand over metadata on some members of the House Intelligence Committee. / The Verge

See also: Apple says it turned over the data unknowingly, and the Justice Dept. has announced it will investigate the subpoenas. / The New York Times, Los Angeles Times

Why you should—and how to—lock down your mobile number. / Hacker Noon

According to the Human Trafficking Institute, 59% of victims in active cases last year were found through Facebook. / Ars Technica

No longer relegated to a punchline, Yugos have become an object for enthusiasts who appreciate its odd, troubled history. / The New York Times

"It's a little hard to watch these days." On the lack of competent base running in today's Major League Baseball, where home runs dominate. / ESPN

See also: MLB has an imminent cheating scandal in the various adhesives pitchers are applying to balls to achieve incredible spin. / Sports Illustrated

A new book shows how the Houston Astros were cheating all the way through the 2019 playoffs, though official inquiries found they supposedly stopped the previous season. / Texas Monthly

"Hey guys" accounted for 36% of the top five vlog greetings last year. / YouTube Culture & Trends

Amazon Prime has now saturated America, with about 65% of households now subscribed. / Quartz

"I thought it would be a nice lark. It wasn't." In 1954, 66-year-old Emma Gatewood became the first woman to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail alone. / Atlas Obscura

Texas Gov. Abbott has established the "Texas 1836 Project" to promote awareness of the state's founding. A Texas history professor on why it's not going to work out like Abbott hopes. / Slate

Etchings of British trees from the 1830 book, Sylva Britannica, or Portraits of Forest Trees. / Public Domain Review

Accompanying crystal hunters on an expedition to Mont Blanc, where climate change is melting glaciers and permafrost—and revealing treasures. / Outside

Photos of the "draped stone" of the Estrada Sandstone, by Zac Henderson. / Behance