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Saturday headlines: Bing!

Trump pulls the plug on a decades-old nuclear arms treaty with Russia, saying Moscow’s been violating it “with impunity.”

"At least we have a secretary-general who is listening." The UN takes baby steps toward becoming a feminist organization.

See also: Girls can now become Eagle Scouts, too.

Who has the authority, in a democracy, to determine what counts as truth?

Almost all of the Democrats who are running for president support Trump on withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Bernie Sanders, seeing another US “intervention” in Latin America, doesn't give enough credit to Canada and the Lima Group for fighting chavismo.

"It’s a generation that was left in between.” More than 600,000 US-born children of undocumented parents live in Mexico.

Another reason why the US birth rate recently sunk to a 30-year low? “Vasectomy zoning.”

The Philippines is the world's most internet-connected country. Filipinos watch screens for 10 hours a day on average.

A prison telephone firm has been using incarcerated people to build a massive voice-print database.

Everything you need to know about quantum computing if you know nothing about quantum computing.

An Italian theoretical physicist tries to answer a tricky question: “What time is the Super Bowl?”

An oral history of the Los Angeles Rams’ 1985 song “Ram It!“

Why watch the Super Bowl? The Rams have the NFL's first male "dance-style" cheerleaders, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnie.

In Woodstock, Ill., where Groundhog Day was filmed, hundreds of fans gather every year, year after year, to celebrate their favorite movie.

Two skiers die in one of the worst inbounds avalanches in decades—a reminder that skiing at resorts out west is still dangerous.

After European settlers killed 56 million indigenous people in the Americas, the global climate changed.

The modern environmental movement began, in part, after California's worst oil spill. Now Trump wants offshore drilling restrictions loosened.

Meet the Guinness World Record holder for the longest surf (on the muddy Severn River).

Your new favorite music for good work: deep layered brown noise.