Headlines y'all

Saturday headlines: Close encounters of the bird kind

US President Biden holds a meeting in Warsaw with Ukrainian foreign and defense ministers. Meanwhile, Russia scales back its war goals. / BBC News, Reuters

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Ukraine's top rock star, is performing in bomb shelters and stations filled with refugees. / The Guardian

Ideally, the war in Ukraine unleashes demand for clean energy tech that America can supply. / The Economist

The Ukrainian army might actually have more tanks now than a month ago based on the number it has captured from Russia. / Forbes

Related: A detailed, updated list of destroyed and captured vehicles and equipment on both sides of the war. / Oryx

Unrelated: AI-generated aerial views of nonexistent cities. / This City Does Not Exist

Declaring the end of a pandemic would seem to have a lot more to do with sociology than epidemiology. / Scientific American

The low rate of coronavirus infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in West and Central Africa remains a Covid mystery. / The New York Times 

Despite a need for more doctors in the US, large gaps persist between the number of aspiring physicians and the space available to train them. / Vox

Candice Norwood: For many Black women, Ketanji Brown Jackson's reactions and words on the public stage reflected what they have lived "as they navigate workplaces dominated by white men." / The 19th

See also: Why women fear cancel culture more than men. / Unherd

A recent website of interest features a community dedicated to generating accurate predictions about future real-world events. / Metaculus

Photographer Beth Moon documents baobab trees before they disappear. / My Modern Met

A woman describes what it's like when a baby bird nests in your hair for 84 days. / The Guardian

"Meal replacements, community-builder bots, and horny animal sounds" feature in a detailed appraisal of slash fiction in China. / Chaoyang Trap