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Saturday headlines: Completely obsessed with you.

Attorney General Barr boosts worries of political interference in the Justice Department by installing an outside prosecutor to reexamine the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump ignores Barr’s request to stop tweeting about the DOJ.

Before he died, Daniel arap Moi was a disgraced former dictator. Since he died, he’s been lionized as an iconic Kenyan hero. How did this happen?

Watch: What is Darfur like today..

Ethiopia is staking its hopes on its $4.5 billion hydroelectric dam. Egypt fears it will cut into its water supplies. President Trump is mediating.

Comparing the rates at which different jobs (and corporations) earn and spend a single dollar.

Two dozen people—a banker, a sex worker, “the World’s First Publicly Traded Person”—explain the best way to invest a dollar.

In the US, nearly 11 million people mooch a password for a streaming service.

A new social network simulator makes you the only human among "millions of bots who are completely obsessed with you."

The market wants us to live alone, or in small units. David Brooks joined a much larger “forged family” and thinks you should too.

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In the US, nearly 75% of tweets that mention national politics come from about 5% of Twitter users.

Six takeaways from McClatchy’s bankruptcy.

Related: The headquarters of former newspapers around the country are frequently becoming tech offices or expensive condos.

A state-by-state guide to the nation's nicest walks.

Airbus unveils a new airplane design which it claims can cut carbon emissions by 20% through reduced aerodynamic drag.

No person who was born blind has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia. A solid explanation why is still up for grabs.

“When former NBA star Dwyane Wade opened up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday about his 12-year-old daughter coming out as transgender, I was blown away by the honesty and care shown on my TV screen.”

After 328 days in space, Christina Koch posted a video of her reunion with her dog. 

Every grunt from Michael Jackson isolated and then replayed at half-speed.

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