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Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Cop vs. Timecop

The pace of US vaccinations is ticking upward as the delta variant drives up demand for shots. / CNBC

Your weekend white paper: A study shows Ohio's Covid lottery preventing one infection for every six vaccinations the cash prizes successfully encouraged. / SSRN

The mainstream media comes under fire for hyperbole "that hardens vaccine hesitancy." A round-up of headlines and backlash. / Reliable Sources, Mediaite

Alex Tabarrok: Take it from an OG, the FDA hasn't changed; what's different is the number of people paying attention. / Marginal Revolution

The Justice Department says the Treasury Department must turn over former President Donald Trump's tax returns. / NBC News

Black Voters Matter Fund co-founder LaTosha Brown describes what it takes to protect voting rights in the rural South. / The Bitter Southerner

In the beginning, Enthusiastic Sobriety was both a theory and a practice. Former followers say it also destroyed lives. / The Atavist Magazine

Dozens of recycling projects around the world are fighting a losing battle against logistical obstacles. / Reuters

French artist Olivier Grossetête is known for floating large bridges made of cardboard around Europe. / Colossal

A French father and robotics engineer built a robotic suit for his son that enables him to walk. / BBC News

A jewel thief in Paris made his getaway on an electric scooter. Witnesses were busy watching Jean-Claude Van Damme go shopping. / The Guardian

In the annals of overlooked artists, Dorothy Grebenak and her hooked rugs "are an extreme case." / Hyperallergic

Helsinki dance club Post Bar is commissioning pretty posters each month. / It's Nice That

A lockdown interview with beat poets, so to speak, of the working class, Sleaford Mods. / Aquarium Drunkard

A guide to setting up a home hi-fi system from the team behind L.A. listening bar In Sheep's Clothing. / In Sheep's Clothing

"At one point I decided I would collect miniature shoes." At home with poet John Ashbery prior to his death. / Apology