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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Couplings to artifacts from The Daybreak Announcement.

Yesterday, China announced $75 billion in tariffs on US goods, Trump answered with increased tariffs on Chinese goods and "ordering" US companies to cut ties with China, and the Dow ended the day by dropping 600 points.

Related: Exemptions to Trump’s China tariffs read like a laundry list of Republican favorites.

Also yesterday, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to rule that private companies can fire workers based on sexual orientation.

Leaked documents from Bolsonaro's government reveal anti-conservation tactics include framing Amazon minorities as enemies.

See also: Placing the Amazon fires in their proper context as part of a settler-colonial project against indigenous people.

A website is plagiarizing articles, sidestepping detection by running the content through an automated synonym generator—and the effect is both hilarious and chilling.

"He was unChapterIVersally respected." Amazon selling fake Orwell books is very Orwellian.

See also: Amazon has removed thousands of unsafe items, amid recent judgments finding it's potentially liable for what it sells.

With little money or pull to prove wrongdoing, small and unsigned musicians lose out the most when fake or leaked music appears on Spotify.

“‘I really wish this interview hadn’t happened,’ he later said.” On Neil Young and his ambition to bring fidelity to digitally distributed music. (See more stories like this in The Editors' Longreads Picks.)

Collections agencies deploy US Marshals on student-loan debts in Texas.

A study is using software to spy on teen phone usage in hopes of finding out why record numbers of kids are committing suicide.

One day of web browsing accumulates hundreds of data trackers, many talking to each other.

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Repeating patterns of objects, intricately illustrated by Paul Hallows.

The view from inside a massive new bicycle parking garage in Utrecht.

Spectacularly detailed, scale-model miniatures of New York City storefronts—many of which are now gone—by Randy Hage.

Caviar prices are mainly an index of rarity, not quality; it's expensive now because pollution killed sturgeon.

“Here is something I hadn’t known when I was writing off kids as boring, needy time thieves: Children are naturally queer. They inhabit a world of formless possibility outside of cultural norms.” Michelle Tea on how her queerness and her parenthood support each other.

As far back as the 15th century, thrill-seeking Russians built massive ice slides, some of which reached up to 80 feet in the air.

"It is really a pile of sloppily laid bricks." One-star reviews of the seven wonders of the world.

See also: One-star Amazon reviews of classic novels.

Unexpected objects bound into actual books—e.g., a volume of 20 slices of American cheese—by Ben Denzer.