Headlines Here, Y'all

Saturday headlines: Dance into the white.

A slip of the tongue may best explain Trump's collective foreign policy: to align the United States with white nations.

Secretary of State Pompeo calls China's large-scale detention of Muslims and other minorities the human rights "stain of the century."

From a meeting with persecuted Rohingya Muslims, we learn that Trump doesn't know where Myanmar is.

A new book collects the memories of Soviet children who survived World War II.

After Amadou Diallo was killed by four cops twenty years ago, his mother started a foundation and is still fighting.

A poem for your weekend: Remembering Eric Garner with “A Small Needful Fact” by Ross Gay.

A Brit-oriented (but still interesting) list of 50 people whose thoughts, research, and writing are shaping the world.

The House passed a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2025, then index further hikes to median wage growth. 

The two earthquakes that rocked the Mojave Desert this month were part of a swarm of 16,000.

A different spin on the moon landing: it wasn't a triumph of science or technology, but sublime aesthetics.

Say what you want about the aesthetics of the mid-2000s, but even superficial movements still matter.

Up for auction: The only pair of Nike "Moon Shoes" known to exist in unworn condition. Starting bid: $80,000.

"We’re all going to get tested." Everything you need to know about Britain's troubled Love Island, now in America.

Related: Body positivity as found in sled dogs.

A massive assessment of two books on the life and career of Prince.

"Some men and some women can’t just be friends. But spouses better be friends already." Fondly remembering When Harry Met Sally.