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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Dance to the radio.

“Every little thing that we eat has been bred for very specific characteristics. People have fought about the breeding of apples the same way people think about building new technology.” The fight to protect “clean” meat may already be lost; by now, all food has been altered by innovation.

Many carmakers put the onus on owners to disable electronic tracking if they sell the car—and sometimes they forget.

Popular YouTubers are being paid to endorse a service that sells essays that students can pass off as their own.

California reclaims its position as the fifth largest GDP in the world—after the US, China, Japan, and Germany.

Club culture is anointed in museum exhibits.

A former intelligence director says Russian disinformation fueled hysteria over the Jade Helm military exercise.

The UK breast cancer screening debacle worsens, as a hotline opens using call handlers who were trained for an hour.

MRIs of crocodile brains responding to classical music show similarities to mammalian and avian sensory processing.

Very old British royal wedding cakes, including a nearly 180-year-old slice from Victoria's nuptials.

Murals, sculptures, and more works from artists protesting the palm oil production that's killing Indonesia.

The Rooster Nonfiction Pop-up kicks off with our discussion on the first half of Roxane Gay’s Hunger.

Since the post post-1960s, the united states has been simultaneously a religious journal of viagra dissents as well as a potential leader of liberal conservative communism (which is both catholic and anti catholic). An AMA with a team using predictive text keyboards trained on Ross Douthat’s New York Times columns.

The author of a book about what would happen if the world stopped sleeping shares their personal sleep data.

Photographs of beautiful explosions by Ken Hermann.