Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: D.A.R.E. to keep parents off dance parties.

By tracking marsquakes, NASA's InSight mission has been able to create the first detailed map of the red planet's interior. / The New York Times

"Broadcast TV morning shows spent nearly as much time on Jeff Bezos's space launch in one day than on the climate crisis in 2020." / Twitter

The Los Angeles Mission CEO: "If we can travel in space for fun... Why don't we try to solve homelessness, just for fun?" / Instagram

"Dance parties," "Pizza King," "drank beer," and other slang that might mean your loved one is an anti-vaxxer. / NBC News

The masks are off, and everyone's getting colds again. / The Verge

One year ago, Ted Cruz "guaranteed" that Covid would disappear if Biden became president. / Boing Boing

"If I had not had access to drive-through voting last year, I would not have voted." This is how hard it is to vote in Texas. / Vox

A breakdown of how much money businesses are saving by switching from single-use plastics to reusable items. / Quartz

How to future-proof a home for climate change: triple-glazed windows, underground heat pumps, and a wood-burning stove. / BBC

"It sucks because the hiking spots [are] in these back wooded areas." What it's like to drive through a sundown town while Black. / BuzzFeed News

Scientists have been able to determine the final meal—fish and porridge—of a naturally mummified Iron Age man, based on his stomach contents. / Gizmodo

An NFT of Banksy's Spike went up for auction this week. However, it's unclear whether the artist approved of the sale, and a lawsuit may result. / Crypto Briefing, Domus

See also: Can I turn my Banksy print into an NFT? You probably can, but you probably shouldn't. / Artnet

A eulogy for Google Reader and the good internet. / The Ringer

Lovely, minimal collages by La Paranoia. / This Isn't Happiness