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The head of the United Nations calls for "a total rethink" of how the financial system works so it can benefit Africa. / BBC News

All the reporting on non-African powers in the Sahel betrays a Western-centric bias in international news coverage. / Africa Is a Country

Unrelated/related: "It Is Journalism's Sacred Duty To Endanger The Lives Of As Many Trans People As Possible." / The Onion

This week in Washington: Changes to Medicaid and Social Security, and an expanded EV charging network. / Wake Up to Politics

One in five Americans now lives in an area that's trying to move buildings off fossil fuels. / Grist

Based on a new CDC report, some attempts to answer questions regarding teen health—e.g., why did Covid restrictions harm girls more than boys? / After Babel

A new biography of Sam Adams suggests dubious conspiracy theories and MAGA-like mob action "were also the birthpangs of American independence." / The London Review of Books

What was the European Enlightenment? A new book devises an answer from interrogating a dozen 18th-century bestsellers. / The Critic

Ted Gioia looks at Robert Johnson's "deal with the devil" as myth, marketing, and vision quest. / The Honest Broker

A news story to suggest a horror film: when a previous homeowner controls your new smart house. / The New York Times

James Vincent: Regarding all the stories about artificial intelligence this week, "don't be distracted by what you see in the mirror." / The Verge

A survey of booths at this year's Frieze art fair in Los Angeles. / Artsy