Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Do ships sail on railroads?

The Attorney General fires ex-FBI deputy Andrew McCabe two days shy of his retirement.

McCabe says it’s an attack on the FBI and the Special Counsel investigation. Trump says it’s a great day for America.

If you're not keen on this White House, here's a pleasant summary of the week's bad tidings for Trump & Co.

Recent shifts in White House personnel suggest the Nationalists are beating the Globalists handily.

A series of world maps uses the literal translations of countries' names.

Video: On the “Coastline Paradox” and why Norway doesn't have the second longest beach in the world.

The mystery behind the blockade of Qatar begins with a falconing party and ends with a jaw-dropping plot by Iran.

An essay on the differences between how Kenyans think of "tribe" and what history and social science have to say.

A comment moderator says farewell to her job after a decade in a “long-term abusive relationship.”

Sex isn’t a sandwich, and it isn’t really like anything else either. There is nothing else so riven with politics and yet so inviolably personal. Contemporary desire, Grindr swaps, and how men explain Lolita to women.

If you follow men's college basketball, the sudden fall of the Pac-12 probably busted your brackets.

Do ships sail on railroads?
Do stones float in the air?
May meat be cut with a knife?

Lovely poetry emerges from a literacy test
given to recruits during WWI.