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Saturday Headlines: Don’t be late for school.

The Trump administration has rolled back Obama-era health and insurance nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people.

In its coverage of Seattle protests, Fox News digitally altered photos to include a gunman.

A legal analysis of whether a government drone flying over protests in Minneapolis was a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Watch: Dave Chapelle on the protests.

"Yes, we mean literally abolish the police."

The LA School Police Dept. will return some of the grenade launchers but keep a mine-resistant vehicle it received through a federal program.

"They disproportionately target black people, and they kill black people." The case for ending police traffic stops.

After the defacing of Penny Lane road signs in Liverpool, the International Slavery Museum is investigating whether the street was in fact named after James Penny, an 18th-century slave trader.

American military cemeteries have had three German POW headstones bearing swastikas since World War II. Finally, they'll be replaced.

The Florida scientist fired for refusing to "manipulate" COVID-19 data has launched a coronavirus tracking dashboard that shows higher infection rates, contradicting the state's official numbers.

"In one class, where we’d originally intended to write about the elderly community in New York, we abandoned our entire syllabus and started over." Becoming a journalist in a pandemic.

Eviction protections and federal unemployment payments both ending in July could spell disaster for millions of Americans.

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In a presentation, Facebook demonstrated how its new workplace chat product could blacklist the word "unionize."

Apparently more people are having sex in cars during quarantine.

A travel guide to the US based on reviews by locals.

Hyperrealistic, detailed paintings of ornate rugs, by Antonio Santín.

Similar photos of David Bowie and Pingu, juxtaposed.

​Now up in the Hood Internet's series of squeezing 50 tracks from a single year into one three-minute song: 1989.