Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Earth don’t lie.

Trump’s tariffs are pushing away some of his most loyal Congressional allies and Republican backers.

Macron asks other G7 countries to confront Trump on trade, climate change, and the Iran nuclear deal. And then there’s that handshake.

A doofus's unpredictability and narcissism helped precipitate the fall of the German Empire. Sound familiar?

North Korea is already winning from its outreach to the White house.

The world’s population will be forty percent African by the end of the century. The United States isn't ready.

Reasons to be optimistic about free trade: cross-border migration; the impotence of politics; interpersonal ties.

McDonald's figures out that people buy more from touch-screen kiosks than other people.

Thinking of starting a food truck? Plan to work 100-hour weeks for the first three years.

Analysis finds that siphoning carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is actually becoming commercial viable.

“I’ve always thought of the earth as an intelligent consciousness, my relationship with fairies and earth spirits grew from that.” Interviews with some of the forty-four percent of Britons who believe they’ve seen fairies.

Kyrie Irving doesn’t believe the Earth is round, and he doesn’t feel responsible if children agree with him over their teachers.

See also, with a cup of tea this weekend: “The Defeat of Reason.”

Romania’s Simona Halep wins the French Open 3-6 6-4 6-1. The world No.1 is finally a Grand Slam champion, no longer obligated to make her own clothes.

Hollywood has replaced the typical evil Russian with the evil Silicon Valley nerd.

Video: A time-lapse film of a decade spent on Mt. Everest

I’ve seen guys duking it out in the waiter station over who gets a table for six. I’ve seen a chef clamp his teeth on a waiter’s nose. Before Kitchen Confidential there was Anthony Bourdain’s funny, surprising column in the New Yorker.

Suicide remains a rare event, though rates have risen in nearly every state in the United States in the past two decades.

When in doubt, help is waiting—for you, a friend, a relative. Call 1-800-273-8255 (the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) or text HOME to 741741 at any time, about any type of crisis.

In 1977, Mister Rogers writers wrote a style guide to the show’s unique child-centric language, “Freddish.”