Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Effing Hakkar!


In the past week, the African continent has seen a more than 40 percent rise in Covid-19 cases.

In Kenya and in other African countries, a tragic question for some communities: to eat or to heal?

"Governance failures, economic inequalities, societal resilience." A range of young scholars talk about Covid-19 in North Africa.

Massive crop-eating locust swarms are heading back to East Africa while the coronavirus disrupts pesticide supply chains.

The Navajo Nation has the highest infection rate in the US following New York and New Jersey.

In Mexico, doctors and nurses are attacked on the street by people who fear they're spreading the virus.

In 2005, World of Warcraft experienced an unintended pandemic, known as a "debuff," that originated with “Hakkar the Soulflayer.”

Speaking of soul-flayers, our leader spends half of his day watching television, worrying about his image. Though maybe he takes a moment once in a while to read letters from bleach companies?

See also: Can you bleach your own hair? 

Facebook removes “pseudoscience” as an option for advertisers, a category available until this week.

With parents avoiding doctor visits, immunizations are dropping at a dangerous rate, putting millions of children at risk.

No matter the pandemic, China is building what may become the world's largest soccer stadium.

Photographs of a gorgeous minimalist fire station in the Italian town of Vierschach.

Fashion questions: Why are guys on Zoom wearing hats? Why did Michael Jordan’s ‘90s practice uniforms look so good?

Ireland has adopted Matt Damon during quarantine, and residents are highly protective of his privacy.

Henry Rollins is quarantining with his record collection (and you can listen in).

The culinary world’s favorite rapper, Action Bronson describes five things he’s been cooking at home.

Stargazing from home is improved with apps, but you can also see plenty with binoculars, even a cheap pair.

An amateur tracker found the oldest functioning satellite in geostationary orbit.

Finally, three things to jazz up your weekend: 1) Scenes from trippy 1930s Hollywood musicals. 2) “Jet,” a poem by Tony Hoagland for when you would give anything for what you already have. 3) A video titled “Must-eat savory meat stew in the winter!” 

TikTok is full of videos of people doing their makeup while lip-syncing to John Mulaney.