Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Emmett Till would have been 78 this week.

Three University of Mississippi students are under investigation for posing with guns in front of a bullet-riddled sign honoring Emmett Till, the 14-year-old African American who was tortured and murdered in 1955.

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled the Trump administration can use money from the Dept. of Defense for a border wall.

If your data was included in the Equifax breach and you don't submit a claim, Equifax will only pay around $4.75 per person affected.

A federal judge has dismissed the $250 million lawsuit filed against the Washington Post by the MAGA cap-wearing teen involved a January video encounter with Native Americans at the National Mall.

As the deadline to avert climate change looms, we must consider if another four years of Trump will cause irreversible damage.

Among the findings in an analysis of 10 years of American school shootings: Predominantly white schools have more casualties.

Amazon has secretly partnered with law enforcement to allow police to request footage from Ring camera owners without a warrant.

This week a “city-killer” asteroid missed Earth by about one fifth of the distance to the moon, and scientists didn’t see it coming.

An interactive map depicts the rate of Amazon deforestation on any area.

In its war on extremism, YouTube has removed just a few channels, as well as taken down videos that spread information, rather than hate.

Watch: “A salsa class filmed from below looks like very busy ants.”

Dreamy, unreal architectural illustrations, by Elyse Dodge.

Inside the forum where landlords share advice on how to screw over tenants.

"I am a weird person and this has improved my life a bunch." An advice columnist explains their philosophy of disseminating help.

A look at the Ebony and Jet photo archive, currently on exhibit before going up for auction.

“Kermit turns to the camera and tells us what he has learned, in a moment that gives me chills every single time, to this day.” An appreciation of The Muppet Movie soundtrack—and especially “Rainbow Connection.”

A music label is trying a new twist on distribution: working with streamers and gamers to enhance artist discovery.

The Vessel Orchestra sound installation turns 32 artifacts' natural frequencies into a music ensemble.

Your computer wants to chill, early '90s Mac style, with Poolside FM.

Major League Baseball players have an overall lower death rate than other men and athletes—although catchers fare the worst.

The next frontier of hair restoration: Using stem cells to clone follicles, and then 3D-printing unlimited amounts of hair.

Time-lapse videos of medical pills dissolving.