Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: F-sharp infinity

The US and Vietnam may be approaching the largest-ever arms transfer ever between the countries—edging out Russia, which has been Vietnam's main supplier since 2016. / Reuters

For only the second time in history, surgeons have transplanted a heart from a genetically engineered pig into a human. / STAT

Elon Musk is claiming no monkeys died as a result of Neuralink implants, but detailed—and graphic—records of the animals' deaths show that isn't the case. / WIRED

The history of the "Moon Trees," which today number around 120, and were planted from seeds that orbited the moon in 1971. / The Washington Post [+]

The Aztec death whistle produces a sound about as terrifying as its name implies; the origins of the object are unclear, but speculation abounds. / YouTube, Mexicolore

Poking around in Spotify's code provides hints at a future "danceability" sorting feature. / Engadget

See also: "Songs in F# are likely more danceable than songs in C." A wonderfully in-depth analysis of what makes certain songs—and even years—more danceable. / Medium

Nearly 20 years ago, Voxtrot took indie pop by storm, then dissolved just a few years later. Now they're back with a new song. / YouTube

A Sioux Falls museum's closure over taxidermy specimens' arsenic levels draws backlash—not just from locals, but conservators worried it may shut down other collections. / The New York Times [+]

Why David Brooks's complaint about a $78 airport meal is almost certainly a bit gone wrong: because it's a bit he's been doing for years, and it always goes wrong. / Read Max

Photos by James and Karla Murray of the hand-crafted, unique beauty of New York City's independent storefronts. / Grub Street

See also: Danny Cortes's gritty miniatures of classic NYC street objects. / Kottke

A 106K-strong Facebook group dedicated to hoagie appreciation. / Facebook