Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Fahrenheit 45.

The Trump administration announces it will deny visas to immigrants who cannot prove they have health insurance or can pay for their own medical expenses.

A second intelligence official more directly tied to Trump's involvement with Ukraine may file a whistleblower complaint.

"The Guardian traced the munition from its manufacture in Milan, Tenn., to north Yemen, where it ended a child’s life."

Aid groups say the Bahamas is using displacement from Hurricane Dorian as a way of pushing out Haitian immigrants.

An investigation finds nearly 1,700 clergy credibly accused of child sex abuse live under the radar, and have access to—and have adopted—children.

Unsurprising, but still: More Americans are getting their news from social media, even as most acknowledge fake news is a problem.

Disinformation is a virus, and Trump’s brain is infected—why fake news reaches the Oval Office.

“History textbooks crafted by independent scholars are being replaced with those produced by the state at a disturbing rate.” As online surveillance reaches new heights, printed books present a renewed threat to authoritarians.

A history of the hardhat, now 100 years old, from its WWI origins to its symbolic use by Hong Kong demonstrators.

"A related question looming over XR is: Will they escalate their tactics?" The view from inside Extinction Rebellion.

Profiles of activists with inherited wealth who want to give away their fortunes.

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Photos of architect Junya Ishigami's serene Water Garden at the Art Biotop artist retreat in the Nasu Mountains outside Tokyo.

For some autistic people, attachments to certain objects or clothing can mean an awful dilemma when those items are discontinued.

Our understanding of plate tectonics is being upended by slabs‚ some of which were surface plates before the first dinosaurs.

Scientists have discovered that when present in the pancreas, a common fungus may increase the size of pancreatic tumors.

From magical supplements to suspect helmet technology, pseudoscience keeps offering ways to fix football without changing the sport.

Spotify explains how it knows what songs you like—for example, skipping before 30 seconds is the equivalent of a thumbs down.

“I felt him sad in the clouds on my shoulder, baffled, as if he had especially been hoping that I would get it.” Patricia Lockwood reviews John Updike.

Moody, near-nocturnal paintings by John McAllister.