Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Felicity and The Fourteen

Actress Felicity Huffman gets two weeks in prison for paying to rig her daughter’s university entrance exams.

“I don’t wish this for anyone, but a sentence to 14 days for actual serious fraud just shows how unfair my sentence is.” A response from Crystal Mason, the black Texas woman sent to prison for voting in the 2016 presidential election.

California orders implicit bias training for doctors, nurses, lawyers, and court officers to address disparities in medical and criminal justice outcomes.

See also: A round-up of California’s latest liberal laws.

Los Angeles in 2019 photographed to look vintage, by Franck Bohbot.

A list of 50 global cities and which fictional films define them best.

Watch: Frenchman Philippe Caneri hydrofoils down a milk-chocolate Seine River.

A Frenchman dies while having sex on a business trip. A court decides his family is due compensation for "an industrial accident."

Soon after Dorian, the Bahamas brace for Hurricane Humberto, which may land as soon as tonight.

A Guantánamo defense lawyer says the FBI was deeply involved in CIA black site interrogations despite years of denials.

"The writer Malcolm Gladwell went on the jet, but says he had no idea who Epstein was." Perusing Jeffrey Epstein's address book.

Go down the rabbit hole of ICE’s new “hyper realistic” training complex, where the agency will prepare teams for “combat conditions.

"If Taliban comes back in power, women will be the first ones to suffer." Portraits of women in Kabul.

The immigrant success story in America of assimilation, integration, self-betterment—can best be told through independent donut stores.

A momentous discovery in 1964 led neuroscientists for decades to argue against free will. That discovery has been debunked.

The generally accepted age of the universe is 13.7 billion years. A new study suggests it's actually two billion years younger.

"A certain type of lady of a certain age." Portraits of shoppers at Zitomer, the Upper East Side pharmacy/department store.