Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Flaming pants

The Postal Service warns states it may not be able to meet deadlines for delivering last-minute mail-in ballots. / The New York Times

Thanks to the social media panic, though, it pledges to quit removing mailboxes (for now). / The Washington Post

Considering the Republican Party’s attacks on the voting by mail, Pennsylvania warns of “an overwhelming, statewide risk of disenfranchisement.” / The Philadelphia Inquirer

Meanwhile, President Trump and the First Lady request mail-in ballots for themselves. / CNN

Trump has no response when a reporter asks, “Do you regret at all all the lying you’ve done to the American people?” / The Morning News

A pattern of subordinating government operations to the interests of a single person or party is a core trait of authoritarian countries. / The Atlantic

Election officials say Tuesday’s successes are no guarantee that Nov. 3 will unfold smoothly. / The Washington Post

A new video by Kirby Ferguson traces the magical thinking behind QAnon and other conspiracy theories. / The Morning News

Related: “The QAnon Rot in the GOP,” “Think QAnon Is on the Fringe? So Was the Tea Party,” and a few thoughts about a 9/11 conspiracy theorist headed for the House of Representatives. / Politico, The New York Times, Twitter

The nationalism involved with COVID-19 vaccines has locked governments into "a lethal version of the prisoner’s dilemma." / Bloomberg

For $1.5 million, you can order a mask with 250 grams of 18-carat gold and 3,600 black and white diamonds. / Artnet

How to get past the coronavirus even without a vaccine? For some experts, it’s all about disposable, cheap tests. / The Atlantic

See also: A mother’s letter to an unborn child during the COVID-19 era. / Emergence

Vumani Mkhize: A majority of drinkers in South Africa are binge drinkers, but that’s only one reason the country banned booze for the pandemic. / BBC News

The continent of Africa is splitting in two, with a new ocean being formed—albeit very, very slowly. / Quartz

In light of Baghdad's recent 125-degree high: Phoenix may begin hitting similar temperatures within thirty years. / The Washington Post

In California, liberals often think short-term (and classist) on climate, voting progressive on plastic straws but not land use. / NPR

A long dispatch from Peter Hessler about teaching journalism in China during lockdown. / The New Yorker

A story from inside a Michigan prison where inmates used a microwave and empty popcorn bags to make a meal honoring George Floyd. / The Counter

Regarding the link we included yesterday about the “Reclaim Her Name” library: it’s highly problematic. / Twitter

British citizens complain about British tourists trashing the countryside since they can’t do so abroad. / The Guardian

Some gun owners enjoy taking selfies while pointing loaded weapons at their groins. Perhaps to be expected, one shot himself. / VICE