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Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Florida nation.

The White House renews trying to kill the Affordable Care Act in a brief filed with the Supreme Court. Democrats see the effort playing in their favor.

The House of Representatives votes to make Washington DC the 51st state; the Senate is not expected to consider the legislation.

Pending US endorsement, Israel is close to annexing a third of Palestine, where leaders have quit daily coordination with Israel.

Interviews with “more than a dozen senior diplomats, government officials, politicians, and academics from five major European countries” on the end of American greatness.

Favorite headline of the week? "A Mountain Of Potatoes With Nowhere To Go." Meanwhile, YouTube views of sourdough videos have jumped 400%.

Medical experts and bar owners answer questions about the safety of outdoor dining and drinking.

Meanwhile, Florida reports a massive single-day increase of 9,000 coronavirus cases, and California sees a 32% increase in hospitalizations.

Houston's Texas Medical Center⁠—the world's largest medical center⁠—says its ICU is full and current COVID trends will likely overwhelm it.

“When Mike Pence responds to the US hitting a new record in coronavirus cases by claiming to find that it's actually "very encouraging news," reflecting "great success," I'm reminded of past reporting trips...in North Korea.”

Wesley Lowery argues for reporters to focus on being fair in lieu of “selective truths [that] have been calibrated to avoid offending the sensibilities of white readers.”

More working at home leads to more demand for cushy toilet paper, leads to more destruction of virgin forests.

Climate activist Leah Thomas, better known online as Green Girl Leah, launches a platform for “intersectional environmentalism.”

Microplastic pollution has gotten so bad, odds are you’re inhaling particles while you read this.

“The Problems With Palm Oil Don’t Start With My Recipes.”

Arctic people and Arctic dogs go back over 9,500 years together—and the same group of dogs, genetically, are being used today.

How to tell a raven from a crow. Also, how some caterpillars inside a bag of broccoli became a happy family.

A comic for when “Wanna hear something super bitchy?” is your love language.

“How I Became a Poker Champion in One Year.”

A brief office visit with Stanley Donwood, Radiohead's in-house fine artist.

Goldman Sachs releases a Goldman Sachs typeface with a catch: you can't use it to criticize Goldman Sachs.

Related: “My Resignation From the Type Directors Club.”

A poem for your weekend: ‘Looking Out the Window Poem,” by Denis Johnson.