Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Fly like paper

As Hawaii's death toll climbs to 80 people, the state attorney general announces an investigation into decisions that were made before, during, and after the wildfires. / Honolulu Star-Advertiser

The WHO says worldwide Covid cases have risen 80% over the past month, but the true number may be higher because of reduced testing and monitoring. / The Straits Times

By "hitchhiking" on viruses, plasmids carry antibiotic-resistant genes between bacteria. / The Economist

Humans' immune systems are out of sync with their lives and diets, and as a result we are having a massive allergic reaction. / Noema Magazine

"I realize I've mistakenly focused on the food and not the Idea of the Food." A recent transplant to Texas tries to assimilate by eating only Whataburger for a week. / Texas Monthly

Counterpoint: An illustrated personal account of doing a plank for 120 consecutive days. / Outside

A security flaw in billions of Intel processors leaves passwords and sensitive data open to attackers. / PCWorld

"Who gets to be the arbiter of truth? Who gets to decide what can and cannot be seen?" Long before ChatGPT, these women tried to warn us about AI. / Rolling Stone

The future of social media, at least as far as some Gen Zers are concerned, doesn't include Threads or Twitter. / Insider

The history of paper airplanes, which are "a source of inspiration not only for aviation enthusiasts but also for fluid dynamicists and engineers." / Popular Mechanics

See also: How to fold three great paper airplanes and a sortable database of paper airplane designs, with folding instructions. / The Morning News, Fold 'N Fly

The R. Crumb yoga mat is a tribute to the artist's late wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, who taught yoga classes in the 1980s. / The New York Times

"I have had the sensation, listening to her music, of being jarred by the emergence of a riff, which seems placed just because it can be." Doreen St. Félix on Sudan Archives. / The New Yorker